The feeling when; an idea, ability, level of happiness, creation, work of art becomes so good that fears (of failure, success, ‘losing it’, fame, destruction of the creation and others) manifest themselves. The next steps can include the destruction of the goodness itself, or continued elevation to awesomeness.

Scary Good is: Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Wade Goodall, Matt Hoy, Ozzie Wright, Otis Carey, Dane Reynolds, Warren Smith, Austyn Gillette, Garrett Parkes, Duncan Mcnicol, Harry Bryant, Dimity Stoyle, Jake Vincent, Jaleesa Vincent, Asher Wales, Kai Otton, Russell Bierke, Shaun Cansdell, Shaun Manners, Terry Richardson, Kael Walsh, Rubie Reents, Billy Flemming, Jimmy Punt, Ruby Fields, Andrew Johns and loads more“Everyone was on the same level. Everyone was pumped to be there. Everyone had an absolute hell time. Nobody had any inhibitions. Nobody was scared to be anything but themselves. It was an experience I’ll remember forever because it captured something so real – the best people ever all ramping on this incredible collective energy.”
– Harry Bryant

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