Goodsie pivots the transition with ease. (Macfarlane)

Pivotal Moments In The Life Of Wade Goodall


Hey Wade, tell us about the moment you…

…first saw a surf movie that blew your head off.
That was Alley Oop by Jack McCoy. I used to run it pretty hard. I watched all Dad’s old videos of Bunyip Dreaming and Green Ignuana but Alley Oop with Andy and Taj, it was surfing that I was really into. Airs and tailslides and stuff. It was in the days of VHS. My collection was not that good. I had one called Rad Movez with Movez spelt with a z. It was rad. I think I got Alley Oop from Mum and Dad for my birthday. I was losing it when I first saw it because it had a lot of lifestyle and interviews and I used to recycle all the quotes from it, I had them all ready to throw out at any moment. Those Jack McCoy films were pretty revolutionary. They were lighthearted. They weren’t trying to be dark or moody or serious or deep, whimsical-moody-powerful. It was slapstick almost. Good natured.

…rode a wave that changed the way you thought about surfing.
The wave that comes to mind is was when I did my first air-reverse. I remember I claimed it pretty damn hard and when I went in I walked up to my dad all psyched and he was like, “Man, you really shouldn’t claim that hard. Chill out a bit.” I always remember that and I haven’t really claimed anything since. He wasn’t being hypercritical or anything, he was being nice about it, he was just wording me up on being chill, don’t show off. I reckon it would have been a nuts air though. Maybe 4cm high with a 70 degree rotation. I still claimed it though. Would love to see it now.

…became a dad.
That was insane. I’ve been a selfish person and this was the ultimate excuse to be selfless. I’ve put everything into Violet and Jane having a good life and it makes me feel important. I have a purpose now, I’m not just cruising through life surfing, I have this cool human to help through it. I’ve found so much peace through being a parent. There’s so many things that I realised aren’t important anymore. It’s a lifestyle change that I’ve welcomed with all my heart.

…moved on from Billabong.
It was time. I’d been with Billabong since I was 11, over 15 years, and I was moving in a different direction to what those guys wanted from me. It was financially hurtful and it was not an easy year when we first separated but I wasn’t upset. It felt like the right thing. Strangely there was a lot of release with that. I didn’t have any money for trips and I was mainly surfing for myself and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. I wasn’t performing to try and make other people happy I was just doing whatever came naturally. It made me a better surfer. Even the injuries too. I broke both my legs and that made me very stagnant. That was probably four years ago now. I broke my leg, it took a year to heal, surfed for a year then broke my other leg and then Billabong dropped me. But I wasn’t progressing or feeling any excitement in my surfing. I went from not being able to walk, to riding a surf mat, to riding a single fin and a longboard, a fish and then eventually getting back on shortboards… I had to learn how to surf all over again both times but it changed my surfing and eventually lead me to being a better surfer. It was a blessing and a horrible, horrible curse (laughs).

…felt like you wanted to pursue your creativity outside of surfing.
I’ve never been a really confident person so I talk myself out of my own ideas even if they’re great. Luckily I’ve had a lot of good friends who have helped me to have faith in those ideas and turn them into something. Jake Donlen is one guy who has helped me so much. Even with my art, I’m not a great artist but it’s such a pure relaxation for me to sit down and paint when I have spare time. I’m getting a little bit better and I’ve even sold a few pieces when I needed some cash and it’s nice to be something other than only a surfer. Being a sponsored surfer so long you wonder, “Is that all I am?” Now I feel like I’ve got other things that define me. I’ve just moved from the Sunshine Coast to Bangalow and I’m surrounded by the most beautiful green hills and there’s waves every day and I’m getting support from Vans and I’m really happy. It’s a fresh start and we’re really stoked.

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