The Atlantic odyssey finishes down in West Africa, before circling back home to Australia.



The Lost Track Atlantic series has kept surfing on a true path in a time of some royal bullshit. This is how Derek Hynd summed up Lost Track Atlantic 3 in SW415:

“Torren Martyn’s Lost Track Atlantic Episode 3 is online a week after Olympics surfing and before WSL’s Ultimate Surfer teaser. It is the greatest juxtaposition of any point in time in surfing. In the face of multiple millions invested where success is gauged by the subtle wording of IOC thanks, or the ratings figures for WSL silver bullet, Torren and film making friend Ishka Folkwell deliver a masterpiece at the same moment for $3800. The surfing, conditions, filming, the present crossing the past; point blank humility, perfect. The cave scene of the subsistence fisherman surfer open to high tide storm can’t be touched. It’s a 5000BC setting where we all could be. Episode 3, 25 years after Litmus and 50 after MOTE, is sheer poetry.”

Lost Track Atlantic 4 is the final film in the series. Enjoy.

And for those wondering about the track when Torren lands back home, here it is.  Nguura – Maanyang and Headland.