Recognising the Craft

The Legend Shaper Award and Icon Shaper Award will be announced soon

“These things are sculptures, they’re pure art, but it’s art with function…”says Brad Gerlach, one of the judges for the inaugural FCS Shaper Awards. Watch the video to hear Gerr and legends Tom Carroll and Rabbit Bartholomew lament on the special relationship surfing has with the craft of surfboard making – and how that comes into the FCS Shaper Awards.

More info on the FCS Shaper Awards: There are going to be two categories to the award: the Legend Shaper Award and the Icon Shaper Award, with one winner for each category.

The Legend Shaper Award will go to someone who has a minimum of 40 years commitment to the shaping trade, has made a significant contribution to surfboard design, is highly respected by their peers, and is currently shaping.

The Icon Shaper Award will go to someone slightly fresher, with a minimum of 20 years commitment to shaping, who has also shown an innovative and committed approach to shaping, as well as being highly regarded in the surfboard building trade, and is still currently shaping.

And once the legendary judges (Rabbit, TC and Brad Gerlach) make the final picks, we’ll be seeing Mick Fanning ride their boards – epic!

Surfing World