Pic via Dan Scott clip

Reef Heazlewood Has Arrived

Last week, young Sunny Coast shred-head Reef Heazlewood blew up Instagram with a couple of huge stomped airs at Rocky Rights. This week, he takes it up a notch with a near five minute super edit of well-rounded gold, including more big hacks and some serious tubes. The goofy-footer has been on the radar in Aus for a while now, but with this flurry of recent hype, he’s making sure his name’ll be known in the middle of the Pacific and across it. On top of that, he’s 18th on the QS right now. A solid performance at either or both of Haleiwa and Sunset and he might just catapult himself straight onto the CT for 2019. Talk about rising fast. Go Reef!

Vid thanks to: Reef Heazlewood from Dan Scott

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