Rest In Pits Is The Height Of Satire

But goodluck finding it anywhere on the Internet

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It’s a publicly known secret, a universal truth, that a whole heap of innovation in Australian surfing, particularly surf culture, has come from its bullied and maligned little cousin: bodyboarding. A fringe sport to surfing’s mainstream, Aussie bodyboarding is the true underdog larrikin that Australian surfing used to have at its core and nowhere is that more evident than this wonderful full length surf vid, Rest In Pits. Featuring (probably) a bunch of star bodyboarders, there’s also some excellent lie down surfing from Chippa Wilson and Harry Bryant as as well as cameos from Craig Anderson, Jake Vincent, and Shaun Manners. The reason this video is so good is because it is so fearless in its approach to having fun. It’s as if they have a creed they pledge allegiance to every morning that simply states, “Bodyboarding is fun,” And nothing will come between them and their fun. Harry Bryant surfing-to-bodyboarding aerial transfers are as hilarious as they are impressive. And that kinda tomfoolery playing to songs like “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun puts the video on another hilarious level. As does the rest of the soundtrack, from Divinyl’s “Boys In Town”, Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, Mental As Anything’s “Live It Up”, and an outro soundtracked by Bone Thugs N Harmony. And then there’s the slabs. Oh my god, the slabs! Watching this is like going back in time to watch surf videos when surfers were still considered naughty little boys, before Olympics and High Performance Centres, away from the internet and Instagram, and lived and breathed hanging out in carparks and doing dumb shit for the sake of it, most of all chasing fun waves with your mates. It’s surprisingly one of the best surf videos that’ll be released this year, and there’s hardly a wave ridden standing up amongst it. Credit where credit is due, these guys are bloody legends. –

Mike Jennings