Revisit: Sterling Spencer As A Centaur

In the early 20-teens, when Dion and Dane were leading the way with surf blogs and self produced high quality surf content, on the periphery doing the same was a freesurfer by the name of Sterling Spencer, who could be the most naturally funny and most off-beat personality we’ve seen in surfing. From his voice-over clips (google: “Jeremy Flores read some books”), to his ridiculous origin story of constantly referring to himself as a centaur, to creating a full length surf film where the opening scene is him and Taj surfing, and ripping, while wearing crocs, he produced absolute gold through the surf blog era. Surf Madness is a great film that is worth a revisit, or 20, and features a sweet soundtrack of the likes of Crystal Stilts and an epic cast from the Billabong team and some quality freesurfers added to the mix, like Craig Anderson, Nate Tyler, and Warren Smith. The highlight, though, has to be Sterling’s voice-overdubbing of Jordy Smith’s filmer singing to himself, “I’m filming Jordy.” Sterling’s still surfing well today, and still making funny stuff around it, but Surf Madness is his tour de force. –

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Mike Jennings