Riding Foot Falcon To The Bluff

Shipstern Bluff is one of the more mysterious waves in the world. Located at what feels like the bottom of the earth, just off the southeast coast of Tasmania, an uninterrupted lump of swell jumps out of the depths of the Southern Ocean and forms a mutant, heaving righthand barrel.

A very small percentage of the population ever makes it down to this part of the world, no less out on a boat to Shipstern Bluff. An even smaller percentage, however, experiences what it is like to hike into the bluff itself. As of this winter, Kipp Caddy makes up one portion of that percentage.

Chasing a swell coming up from Antarctica, Kipp decided that he was not just going to surf Shipstern Bluff, but he was also going to make the 9km trek through dense bush to camp in front of the wave itself. He was going to go inside the Bluff.

What you are watching here is the result of this strike mission. Heavy waves, cold water, remote camping and a view of Shipstern Bluff like you’ve never seen before.

This is Kipp Caddy trekking inside The Bluff, and surfing one of the world’s most rugged big waves on the swell of the 2019 winter.


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