Rip Curl Cup gets High Alert twitchy.

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Remember Green Dragon (aka the Rip Curl Cup – a tube pig comp held at Padang Padang only when the waves are absolutely firing)? In the past couple of weeks just when Green Dragon has threatened to go core skitz – stomping on surfboarders and breathing his raging throat inferno all over the Bukit – he’s simply wandered back into his cave and gone snu instead. It won’t do, not for the good folk at RC who wanna see the surfboarders getting piped off their Indo surf hats and long sleeved rashies goddammit! So they’ve given James Hendy (Rip Curl Indo) a big stick and told him to go into Green Dragon’s cave and flay the beast into an uncontrollable rage. If he succeeds, the Rip Curl Cup will be on tomorrow morning at 8am Indo time. Watch it here… By the way Ozzie Wright and Ryan Burch are out. Jay Davies and Ant Walsh are in…

Vaughan Blakey