In April last year, Cape Fear champion Russell Bierke was knocked unconscious¬†by his surfboard at a remote Victorian bombie. During the 10-15 foot session the likes of Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Ross Clarke-Jones, Ben Serrano, Ryan Hipwood plus a swathe of locals were on hand to witness the wipeout, with a quick response to Russ’s aid after the life threatening ordeal.

We’ll let Russ take it from here…

“My board hit my jaw and knocked me unconscious for a couple waves where I took some water in my lungs. After a few days in intensive care the water had cleared and I was good to head home. I had a checkup a week later and my lungs were back to normal and I wasn’t showing any symptoms of concussion.”

– Russell Bierke.

Now for the first time sans injury, Bierke has loaded up for another round and as you can see, this is one gunslinger who’s marksmanship remains second to none.

Hugh Wyllie