Imagine a world where we didn’t have trees? No fires, no toilet paper, no flatpacked furniture, no oxygen and worst of all… no surfboards. Well lucky for us back in Aus we try to look after our bushy buds, and people can still tap into that primal sensation of sliding waves on a freshly harvested plank from the forest! People like Wood Surf Co, who make environmentally sustainable surfboards from – you guessed it – trees! It’s mad news for the environment because once you get off the resin and into the sap you’ve got less chemicals, less fumes and only a few less sticks in the spokes of ya mates BMX. What’s even madder news, is Wood surf co are holding a full tilt workshop down at the Surfing World Camp – The Farm where you can learn about board design, basic hydrodynamics, sustainability, shaping principles and woodworking. All while savouring a sweet nectar from our pals at Stone & Wood. And yes, there’ll be piles of paipos, alaias and hollow core boards to get your soul swingin’ like an aqua-monkey. Hooray for trees!

Hugh Wyllie