Nuthin' wrong with livin' on the dole. (Macfarlane)

Scary Good: Cosmic Psychos & Dune Rats Weigh In

Asher Wales, Jake & Jaleesa Vincent go the hack!

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Written & Performed by Jake Vincent, Shane Fletcher, Jaleesa Vincent, Jai Walsh, Asher Wales, Duncan McFarlane, Dimity Stoyle & Mark Onorati.

“Once the intro started, I thought it was so good, it sounded like Brett from the Dunny Rats coulda been playing it. Good stuff! When it all kicked in, it made me wanna go kick a bad cow. I love the fact that Jake got to get some shit off his liver for 2 minutes and 16 seconds telling his teachers to all go and get fucked! That’s good practice for him to have for the next however many years of his life. Love the angst! Always maintain the rage! I hope we get to play some shows with ‘em soon, this is a bloody ripper. Don’t turn into a hippy or a politician. Don’t set the bar high, set the bar to a permanent happy hour. Go the hack!” – Ross Knight, Cosmic Psychos

“Pwooah what a scum suckin’ anthem for living the good life provided by soggy swags and red bitter. At first I thought they were yelling about building a bar in a shed, but real low to the ground so they could chug beers that would seem big but are only pretty small. Yeah, so then they skull the beers or whatever and go out to a soccer field and take turns of being the goalie and they all win some shit. I fucken dig the hellish kinda Hard-Ons lead guitar at the end and there’s that kinda sucks like a sav but battered out like a bloody ripper night out at the Rissole playing to get payed for the piss ya singing about in the breakdown part. I like it, it’s inspiring to know that borrowing a pet bird in my very own rented flat in Kyogle is a dream that’s achievable and they’ll be like stay outta the dam, damn kook!”  – Brett Jansch, Dune Rats


SCARY GOOD the album, out now on Spotify & iTunes.

SCARY GOOD premieres this October
With live performances by: 
WASH + The Cloacas 

Wednesday 18 – The Steyne
Manly, NSW (film only) – Free Entry

Thursday 19 – The Cambridge
Newcastle, NSW – BUY TICKETS

Friday 20 – Rainbow Bay SLSC

Saturday 21 – Thomas Surfboards

Sunday 22 – The Bangalow Hotel
Bangalow, NSW – $15.00 On Door

Friday 27 – Quiksilver Bar 61,




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