Scary Good Nominated For SURFER Movie Of The Year

“We’d like to thank Jesus…”

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Citizen Kane. The Godfather. Scary Good.

At least two of these films set the benchmark for Hollywood cinema, but maybe a third is ready to join the club? Maybe Citizen Kane wasn’t a giant snooze fest after all?

And maybe surf movies that are not surf movies are actually heaps awesome? Maybe Creed McTaggart is the next DeNiro or a young (sweatless) Brando? Maybe they’ll swap wetsuits for tuxedos? Wax blocks for wax dummies? Hoy’s nautical star on the walk of fame? Maybe we’re geniuses! Or maybe we’re just smart idiots? Here’s why…

Today, SURFER Magazine announced our very own SW full lengther, SCARY GOOD has been nominated for ‘Movie Of The Year’ at this year’s Surfer awards. The other nominees include the Dane Reynolds centrepiece ‘Chapter 11’, ‘Free Jazz Vein’ from Tin Ojeda, our old mate Taylor Steele for ‘Proximity’ and the legend crew from ‘Snapt 3’.

Says SURFER, “This year’s SURFER Awards nominees for Movie of the Year include a type of film for every taste.”

“When we think of these names years down the road, we’ll point back to titles like these, remembering how we settled into our chairs at home (or at the office), pressed play, and didn’t look away until the credits rolled,” they said.

Reynolds, Free Jazz, Tay Steele, Snapt and SW on the same bill? This is highly unorthodox, but if ya look at the roll call for this sonic banana we’re in with a shot! Just imagine Creedo, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Wade Goodall, Hoyo, Otis Carey, Asher Wales, Shaun Manners, Ozzie Wright, Shaun Cansdell, Harry Bryant, Duncan McNicol, Garret Parkes, Pama Davies, Dimity Stoyle, Jaleesa and Jake Vincent, Dane, Ando, Johnsy and too many more to mention here – all tearing it up at the awards night.

Anything could happen. But one thing’s for sure… that red carpet is gonna get real sticky.

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