Smash It: A New Track By Dimity Stoyle And Jaleesa Vincent



After meeting Jaleesa at the Surfing World Camp this year I knew she was a massive legend, and we spent the whole night dancing and carrying on. You couldn’t even be mad that she’s an insane chick who surfs, paints, drums and has great taste in just about everything because she’s the nicest, and most epic, person you’ll ever get to know.

I met Dimity at the Surfing World House without too much opportunity to bond (there for one night and all) but she was immediately welcoming and didn’t even bag me out at the fact I can’t surf for shit.

The Surfing World House (while I was there) was this beautiful communal group of people who just wanted to make music, sink beers and indulge in their passion for a few days. What could ever be better? I was just stoked to be a part of it. 

Jaleesa immediately starts out with a firm kick and a healthy use of cymbal, and fuck you if you think it’s going to slow down for lyrics. Dimity smashes out a sick riff, with a following baseline. Enough 90s garage punk to make anyone jealous they didn’t write it themselves. With both the girls shoving in their lyrics and an insane bendy solo this song is fucking ripping. To be analytically wanky, the lyrics give you this sick imagery of being at some grunge concert at the same time as getting maggot on the beach. Listen or regret. – Ruby Fields


SCARY GOOD the album, out now on Spotify & iTunes.

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