With Vaughan missing in Bali or the Maldives or somewhere, former World Tour great Rob Bain steps in to fill the void alongside Surfing World creative director and Weak Wrap host, Danny Jonson. 

What a time to have the great man, Bainy, on board too with the pending return of competitive surfing to a Wave Pool via Kelly Slater. Bainy takes us back to the first ever World Tour event held in a wave pool, the infamous Allentown, Pennsylvania contest of 1986, in which he was a competitor and which also inspired the now seminal B-Grade surf-cheese classic, North Shore. 

We talk Daddy Issues (Trevor & Jack Robinson, Bainy & Billy, Slater & his pops, JOB, John John, and so on), answer the big questions from Chopes – like whether Medina is the quintessential puffed up Brazzo f**kwit or just a showmen with a bad attitude in a competitive jersey?

Owen Wright, are you keeeeeding me?! Twelve months ago we were told he’d be eating baby food for the rest of his days and now he’s fourth in the world. Madman. 

What is Kelly thinking, Balaram Stack’s ball sack, Harry Bryant’s “two-skin,” Tropical Cyclone Debbie does Jeddy, and maybe the best listener questions of all-time, including Bainy’s tsunami survival yarn. 

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