Steph Gilmore Puts The Lime In The Coconut

How to vacay with the six times a Lady.

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It’s the Pacific elixir you’ve been longing to savour. Not since The Tempest –  Steph’s round with Jon Frank – has the top shelf poured this smooth. A commanding blend to follow, but follow she did… as only Steph could. There’s no sense of urgency here, no rush to quaff, nothing stirred, nothing shaken… just sublime rond de jambe surfing. At times, dark and stormy, at others, sweet and fruitful (like the soft top novelty session… because who wouldn’t love to slide faces on a big stripey board?) Yes indeed, this is one gal who knows how to vacay. Let it be known her card has arrived, and we have Morgan Maassen to thank for the postage.

Hugh Wyllie