It’s about time… to get 12 issues of SW

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Ahh watches, what would time be without them? A jumble of missed appointments and nude wrists? Nobody needs that, not in this day and age what with the planet teetering ever so delicately on the brink of an all our nuclear armageddon. No, what we need is digital Electric tide watches, waterproof and elegant to remind us that we are human beings capable of exquisite engineering and design. And thanks to Electric we have those very same digital watches ABSOLUTELY FREE and available to the first 100 subscribers of Surfing World THIS MONTH ONLY! That’s 12 issue of SW plus a bonus ELECTRIC ED01 T NATO TIDE WATCH for a mere $109.95. All of it delivered to your house by a bright yellow human on a silly red bike.

Colour and style is not selectable. Limited stock available, please refer to checkout. Once sold out we will have a new product on offer. Cheers!

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