Summer Just Got Scary Good All Over Again

Goons of Doom release new Friday arvo anthem and fezzy dates!

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The Goons of Doom, featuring freesurfing legend Ozzie Wrong, Guitar and Birdtato icon Killerwhale Cooney, Mona Vale Boardriders Senior Men’s Champ Ryan Cowell and former SW editor and Swellian Vaughan Blakey, have just released the first single from their 7th studio album, and damned be the PC set if isn’t already the most irresponsible song of the summer. “It’s called 24 Bottles of Beer,” says Vaughan of the track, a catchy singalong describing the immediate purchase and consumption of an icy cold slab. “It’s not a song that glorifies drinking, nor is it a song that condemns it, it’s simply an observational ditty about how Australians tend to consume alcohol, which in my view, is aggressively.”

The song has already made some powerful enemies and friends in high circles, none of whom we’ll discuss here due to legal ramifications, however the single is a sure sign that the Goons new album is sure to be stacked with the usual puerile mayhem that gets a room cranking. “Black Skull Bong has a few nods to our past for sure, but there’re a few surprises in store as well,” explains Killerwhale adding, “I think the band has grown a lot… of ear and nose hair since we last recorded cause we’re about 90 years old now haha! Seriously though, the songs are sick and everyone should buy the album and crank it all summer long.”

The arrival of Black Skull Bong coincides with the announcement that the Goons will also be taking the stage during the upcoming festival season, most notably at Forster’s Grow Your Own fezzy on January 12, alongside SW pals Hockey Dad and Jack River. “That’s gonna be fucken sick, we haven’t played Forster for years and we love that area,” explained Ozzy Wrong. We even have a song written about one of the local surf spots. I can’t wait to tear GYO a newie.”

24 Bottles of Beer is available now on iTunes and you can get your tickets to Grow Your Own right here.

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