SUN DAMAGE: A new long board flick

This here below is part one of Wild Things & Gato Herói‘s flick Sun Damage. It’s no boolshit logging with a no bewlshit soundtrack, shot around the secret spots of Byron Bay (just bullshitting). If you’re sitting in an office chair that reclines slightly, pull the pin, put your feet up on your friend’s dog’s back and enjoy yourself for just over three minutes.

From Wild Things:

Sun Damage is a new surf film by Dom Sullivan, presented by Wild Things in association with with Gato Herói and CRÈME. 
Part I of Sun Damage features Myles Doughman, Kahu Andronicus, Max Tarrant and Kai Ellice-Flint.  There is more surfing from these four in the rest of the movie as well as appearances by Maddie Gross, Jack Lynch, Andy Findlay, Harry Reid, Robin Falxa and a few more.

We are also proud to feature 4 independent Australian bands in Sun Damage, with the film set to music by The Wheelers of Oz, Regular Spread, The Family Jordan and The Dollah Llamas. The soundtrack to Part I is ‘Revivialised’ by The Wheelers of Oz.



Danny Johnson