Pic: WSL/ Poullenot

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 3 years ago

In the Blood

The last realistic chance of anyone beating Medina was Italo – and he did it.

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Could this be the year of the Great South African rising like Olympus above the Serenghettiiiiiiii? The current world number one will need his strongest ever finish to a season if he hopes to lift that silver. (Miller)

By Mike Jennings   POSTED: 4 years ago

World Title Predictions: This Time He Means It!

Mike Jennings revisits his early season Title Predictions (miles off) to announce (for real) who will be 2017 WSL World Champions.

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He won the Masters and the Triple Crown on a single wave at Backdoor, but if a giant west swell plays any role in the Title decider at Pipeline, you can guarantee Jules’ backside tube game will deliver the goods. (Woody Gooch)

By Vaughan Blakey   POSTED: 4 years ago


Australia’s new contender opens up in the latest issue.

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