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Kombi owners are obsessives that share a bond us drivers of regular boring cars will never understand. You see it with their respectful wave and nod every time they roar past each other in opposite directions. They share the feeling of owning a vessel with too much life to ever let die.

The Kombi is an enigma, both culturally and mechanically. It’s a van, but built on the same chassis as the Beetle. It’s quintessentially German and yet international: in particular a ubiquitous part of Latin American life, from Mexico City to Rio.

Designers and engineers might not have had traveling surfers in mind when they first conceived of the Kombi’s timeless lines and economy of space, but the bus was an obvious choice for surfers and became instantly synonymous with surf communities world wide. Surfboards, mattresses and sun bleached hair has been poking out of Kombi windows for over six decades.

The Volkswagen Kombi is an iconic part of surfing folklore, so it’s only right it gets celebrated with a big ol rally during a big ol surf comp! Don’t miss a great collection of these magnificent Kombi beasts at the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro. The Manly Kombi Rally, presented by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, will be held on the Manly foreshore on Saturday the 23rd of March. If you’d like more info or own a Kombi you’d like to have included in the event or would, hit this link.


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