THE O’RIGINALS series from O’Neill, is back! Three mini-docos on young surfers doing things their own way, examining the influence surfing has had on their lives. The three new O’RIGINALS are Freewheelin’ chippie Beau Cram, biomolecular engineer Max Weston and child prodigy turned Indo adventurer Reef Doig. Captured and crafted by Surfing World Editor Danny Johnson (Scary Good/Ain’t That Swell), filmmakers Kaius Potter, Thibault Upton, Spencer Frost and produced by Rob Bain and Ella Risby.

“These O’Riginals films celebrate the fringe characters, surfers that couldn’t be more different in personality and background. The thread that ties them together is their obsession with riding waves that’s interwoven into their varied paths.” explains Danny Johnson.

“Many enjoy surfing as a sport – and rightly so,” adds ONSP Brand Marketing Director, Rob Bain. “But if we think of surfing not as a sport, but as a pleasure, as escapism – we can really appreciate people who break barriers in different, yet also important ways. Finding that balance of a work life, the creative passions and how they fit in with a surfing life”

“These are the people Jack O’Neill developed the brand for, way back at inception. Their innate froth really matches with his famous catchphrase, “First in, Last out.” By just following their own instincts, these guys are original, in really interesting and different ways. Their surfing helps them be happier and more creative in their daily life too.”

The first short comes out next week.


Surfing World