Ever had a brain-gasm watching something when you were drunk? “This is incredible!” says the big dumbed juicy brain resting in your skull. Six hours later, when you wake up with less brain cells and less cognitive ability, you have to try and figure out how real the experience was? Was what I saw really that beautiful? Did you ever go to sleep with Bo Derek, and wake up with Bo Diddley? The premiere for Craig’s movie had me all buggley eyes, and yes, I was successfully very drunk on free beer, but did I doubt myself the next morning? Not for a second. My breath stunk, and I questioned the very nature of all aspects of reality, except Craig’s movie. Pretty much the best surf movie I’ve ever met, confirmed with a rewatch this morning. I know that contributed nothing to your viewing experience, I just thought I should let you know.

A clip by – Kai Neville

Cinematography – Dave Fox
Water Cinematography – Dave Fox

Danny Johnson