Toby Mossop Is That New Kid On The Block

Watch him kick-jam some North Shoreys!

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Here’s what we know about Toby Mossop. He’s 18, from Burleigh Heads. He’s just finished his HSC and packs boxes in a factory (with what we speculate to be wax. But nobody can say for sure. He might pack small boxes into larger boxes like a great big cardboard babushka doll). But we digress… Toby loves surfing in his Vissla boardshorts for their super stretch properties and silky construct (who wouldn’t) and we’re told he is currently doing the comp thing. But in this video we’ve also discovered Toby’s penchant for freesliding expression. Especially when the trade winds fluff up those ramps, as you can see by way of the North Shore. Will the big V cast Tobes in the next Pedro’s Bay style escapade with Bryce Young, Brendon Gibbens and the lads? If that wild backhand tube stance is anything to go by, the answer is probably yes.

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