Video: Jamie O’Brien’s Board Collection Set-Up Is Surf Nerd Heaven!


Holy crap, would you take a look at Jamie O’Brien’s board collection?

It’s a shrine to the shapes of all his favourite surfers from the early 70s to the mid 90s, including a classic Tom Carroll Byrne shape (from the year TC did “the snap”) as well as the board JOB himself won the Pipe Masters. The sweet home set-up is thanks to an Aussie invention called Ghost Racks, which are made out of a virtually invisible acrylic that allows you to showcase your boards horizontally, vertically or freestanding.

JOB reckons he’ll never change the display, likely because there is absolutely no reason to. And while our own garage might look slightly less glorious than this epic set-up, we’re definitely keen for some of these racks. The boards would go alright, too.

Surfing World