Watch: Harry Bryant In ‘RUST 2.0’

The electric goon bag berry sesh

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We can only imagine what the outback locals made of Harry Bryant – an individual more mushroom than human – cruising the dusty trails in his landie.

“What’s he all about?” They might wonder.

Well now’s their chance to find out. With a little engine oil, some roo fur and an old car battery these bush mechanics could go about building a high-speed internet modem… and fail miserably. But that’s ok cuz Haz sunk a few Bundies with ’em down the pub anyway and reckons they’re the biggest legend mob getting around. Absolute desert lords. So wonder no more, friends.

And for us city slickin’ cleanskins, we are left with a 7 minute capture of the whole adventure. Shot by Dave Fox and edited by Nate Foster, it features the most rootinest-tootinest, berry tripping, rotor popping, tube sniffing, goon bag gulping, snake squashing maniac to ever stuff his dome inside a cereal bowl. How good is it? Let’s put it this way: there damn well better be a Rust three.

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