Watch: Kai Hing in ‘Still Splashing’

Ahh… to have the carbonated reflexes of a young pup like Hingy. Inspiring, no?

Yep, there’s no denying Kai Hing surfs like a bottle of pop that’s all shook up. But the question remains, why such small glasses? Why all the ice? And where the hell is my damn parasol?!

What I’ve learned today, is that all Kai really needed was garnish, and some tropical punch. Stir in the speed weaves, add toe pokes, then drain. It’s something we haven’t seen since he made his first Splash, so again, we find ourselves peering into the charcoal grains, of none other than filmmaker Shane Fletcher, to remind us that this mix is mighty fine, and can be served shot by shot or in a big jug that you share with nobody but yourself. (But by all means, share as you please. After all, the Internet is a magical place).

And it’s also how the pair found themselves in the Telo Islands a few months back, swiping themselves some contra accommo at a building zone that offered no such facilities (windows, air con… zip) The horrors! But the lads assure us Pinnacles on Telo is up and running, and it’s totally sick! So we’ll take their word on that.

Like Splash the first, ‘Still Splashing’ sprays the eyes with a 3:20 mark worth the sting. It’s Kai freaking out on the Indo dream, shrouded in film noir tones and an unshaven fuzz track. Thanks to Shane Fletcher, a kind and talented fellow, who hasn’t seen a razor in years. True story.

Hugh Wyllie