Watch: Kipp Caddy In “Please Explain”

Words will not suffice

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Asking someone to explain the inexplicable is a lot like asking SW senior writer Mike Jennings how magnets work… Because the truth is nobody knows, but that won’t stop idiots like us from trying. What we know about Kipp Caddy is that he is an aspiring male model who cares about current affairs. Whether it’s misleadingly crunchy fish ‘n chips (that somehow preserve a miserable, soggy interior) or the mystery of hammering space pegs without gravity, or the lowtide doom of Shark Island (South Sydney’s Mordor) – you can count on Kipp Baggins to get to the bottom of it. Watch ahead as this lovely man from the Shire (Cronulla’s, not Middle Earth) delivers the most outrageous fashion statement since Mugatu versed the Prime Minister of Malaysia! If only all beautiful creatures were this kind.

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