Watch: Mick Fanning and Tyler Wright Return To Mystery Super Spot, The Snake!

Ain’t No Wave Pool, The Sequel

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Remember The Snake? The wave Mick Fanning blew up the internet with a year and a half ago when he dropped a clip of a perfect, long, perfect, sandbottom, perfect, righthand point that had never been seen before (and was also perfect)?

Well, Mick has returned to infamous and mysterious spot, and he’s brought Tyler Wright with him.

The second time around, The Snake doesn’t have the same freight train like speed nor the size of the first time we saw this place back in February 2017, but it still looks an incredible wave for the two surfers – five World Titles between them – to go nuts on. And it’s location is still just as much a mystery.

You might recall that that original clip was called Ain’t No Wave Pool. With the Surf Ranch Pro coming up, the premise of the sequel remains similar; Mick Proposing this wave be the perfect training ground for Tyler before the landmark surfing comp starts this week. Unfortunately, Tyler Wright this morning withdrew from the Surf Ranch Pro (replaced by Macy Callaghan), as she’s still struggling with the illness that derailed her J-Bay Open campaign back in July, which suggest this clip was shot sometime before then.

Get well soon, Tyler.

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