Watch: The New Spike Jonze Doco

Watch this and then go make something.

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Epicly Later’d was once a New York centric skate photo blog that then got turned into a Vice web series in the mid-to-late 2000s. In the decade since, it’s turned into one of the finest examples of documentary you can find on the Internet, spurning a bajillion copies in all manner of niche and non niche subcultures (including surfing).

In the past couple of weeks they’ve launched a brand new series of the thing, opening with a fantastic episode on Bam Margera. But with episode 3 they’ve upped it a little higher and come out with a 44 minute Spike Jonze piece that is mandatory viewing for any aspiring photographer, filmmaker, or any type of young creative, regardless of whether you identify as a skater or a surfer or a fricken Yo-Ho Diabolo enthusiast. Plus, the whole thing opens with Spike surfing in Malibu. Give this a watch, then go outside and get making something.

Mike Jennings