WATCH: OSMO THROMBO with Ozzie Wright, Noa Deane And Mitch Coleborn

Bro-mancing The Stone.

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In a return to the thing they do best, The Stone have dropped 25 minutes of grainy high performance called Osmo Thrombo. This self described bro-mantic comedy stars Ozzie Wright, Noa Deane and Mitch Coleborn punching his fists into his board. It’s unplanned storytelling at its most whack as the trio trip around Indo battling butterflies, alien lifeforms and poisonous coconuts. When they surf it’s sublime, when they don’t it’s hilarious. It’s pulp, it’s cult, it’s novelty, it’s a surf movie done right. Come for the weird stuff, stay for the pits at 17:30.


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