Watch: ‘Peyote Visions’ Starring Creed McTaggart, Shaun Manners, Kai Hing & More

Team Bong test boardies down Mexico way

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Here comes three minutes of Team Billabong that prove there’s no finer place to stuff the burrito than south of the border. Starring Creed McTaggart, Kai Hing, Shaun Manners, Ethan Ewing, Fred Morais, Jack Freestone, Griffin Colapinto and Italo ‘Party Boy’ Ferreira, it’s the next best thing to Bong 90’s classic like Psychedelic Desert Groove, with much to trip on; Grif Cola’s impossible layback make. Chuns catlike ability to jump-spin a chain fence thingo. Hingy’s double-jointed hinges. Creedo’s standup boogie flair. Sit back and melt, amigos.




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