Watch: Sheldon Simkus In ‘Archipelago’

Then go surfing

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Ahhh remote Indonesia… what a marvellous island cluster. Posted up somewhere in this far flung locale was a certain young blood by the name of Sheldon Simkus – and upon his return we can now show you why nothing bubbles the snout faster than a good old Indo funnel fest, especially when the person slipping through them is on an absolute ball-tearer! And may we remind you that this kid from Tweed Heads just placed second at the Taiwan Open 1500 – his best QS result to date. That’s the backstory sorted. But what about the footage? Ok, let’s look a little deeper and acknowledge the fact that there is something simplistically genius about Sheldon’s video. It’s a great amp-up for any froth blooded fiend, and like all great amp-ups it proves again that good surfing is good enough to push you back out there. So go get it.

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