Watch: The Volcom Pipe Pro Ends With A KABOOM!

The Best Surf Conny Footage This Year

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Yesterday Hawaiian Josh Moniz fulfilled his destiny by taking out the Volcom Pipe Pro. In cranking surf Moniz defeated Cam Richards, Wessley Dantas and a rampaging Jamie O’Brien who scored the wave of the event and a perfect 10 in the final but was denied by Moniz’s under the lip positioning and red line tube speed. It was popular win on the island and a fitting one after one the all-time Pipeline events. Moniz has been a standout for the past four years and to win the conny his pops Tony won waaaaaay back in the day (pre VPP)  put a little cherry on the whole deal. The Aussie boys fared well, particularly Noa Deane and Mitch Parko who’ll return home from this event to plenty of backslaps on the goldy. But enough about all of that… Tuesday is here and it’s time to go back to work, but before you do, hit that play icon and let yourself relive the magic for a few glorious minutes at least. Mwah x

Photography By Tom Carey

Vaughan Blakey