Wave Pools Are For Kooks!

“The bottom 95%… that’s the market,” says Greg Webber

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Part two of SW’s Fire Side Chat is here and this time around the boys do away with their own (extremely selfish) experiences from their trip to the ranch and get stuck into the neeeety greeeety. What’s a wave pool future look like? Will the Lemoore CT event sink or swim? Will they chuck sea creatures in it to ocean things up a little more? And who the heck is gonna spend their hard-earned surfing the place when a killer El Nino season kicks in and the ocean fires off it’s face for eight months straight? Spoiler: People who don’t surf that good says Greg Webber. So even if you’ve had a complete gut full of wave pool talk, this little panel featuring Nick and Tom Carroll, Bob Bain, Derek Rielly, Greg Webber and Vaughan Blakey is worth 16 minutes of your time and if you think the boys are full of shiz, get on your keyboard and unload already!

Vaughan Blakey