Weak Wrap: Hawaii Ruins Everything Again

The rock is a hard place.

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Hey pals. Real talk? I use Boost Mobile, and I’ve been using them since before they sponsored the show. I don’t get a discount either, I just like their 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile network and sweet sweet data. Maybe they would give me a discount but I’ve never asked. Asking for stuff is creepy. I also like the name: BOOST! (I added the exclamation mark, it’s not part of the name). Remember when exclamation marks were illegal? It wasn’t that long ago. Then they started slipping back in ironically and now it seems they’ve really settled in strong. I used to go out with this girl that used them all the time. I’m talking three or four in a three or four line text message. It really ground my gears. Why was she yelling at me? Why couldn’t she just trust her words to have enough latent energy on their own? Why couldn’t she just leave it up to me to judge the necessary tone of the sentences based on the context of which they existed and their subject matter? Hey Mike! Are you reading this? You’re a word nerd, how do you feel about them? Actually, don’t worry about it, your answer will probably be too long and smart for me. It’s not why we broke up, but maybe it is, you know?

Danny Johnson