Weak Wrap Host Plays Hard To Get

And to celebrate, here’s another re-run!

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We’re all cheers this week because Danny is back! Hooray for everything! But because we haven’t actually seen Danny since Japan we’re feeding you another microwaved dinner hot from the inter-oven. No cause for alarm, we’re pretty sure he still works here, somewhere. Hold off the Search party (and follow the clues).

Episode 17: JOB and Anthony Walsh are now making sharks work harder because they’re surfing all night with lights on their boards. How crazy are acid drops? Letty Mortenson, he’s made a good clip. Ozzie Wright has brought back those webbed finger gloves, he has the power to change trends and can surf faster than dolphins. Russell Bierke has gone Bezerke with his new clip, his name predetermined what he’d do in his life.

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