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Surfing World is being published independently by Jon Frank and Sean Doherty, two surf mag lifers. They have form. Frank is the Godfather of high-art surf photography. Seano is on a million-word surf story bender. They both hold a deep respect for surfing. Surfing World is a passion project for them. They’ve inherited a sense of duty. A surfing elder summed it up to them this way: “Make something beautiful that really says something.”

The things that have made Surfing World such a cultural flame over the decades are all still there. The magazine is a pure take on surfing. It’s a big statement on the Australian coastline and the characters who live there… the big names and ones you’ve never heard of, all interesting cats. It’s wild and from the heart. It’s independent and inclusive. We don’t really have a demographic. If you love surfing you’re in.

Likewise, while we’re a magazine, our ideas and stories transcend the medium. Our content lives between print, online and socials. We’re printing 166-page quarterly magazines, with content flowing through between issues. It’s premium editorial. The best writers and photographers in the country are on the books.

But while Surfing World remains an Australian legend, it has also changed. The surfing world has changed. With some bad craziness out there in the real world and surfing more than ever acts as an easy counterpoint to that. Surfing’s place in the world has never been clearer. Surfing matters right now and needs to be heard.

Channelling the great eras of the great mags, the new Surfing World has a voice. We talk about surfing and we talk about the world. Big conversations being led by surfers on social and environmental issues. There’s a young surfing movement out there that cares deeply about this stuff, and SW will be their voice.

Beyond that the new owners really want to do something good with Surfing World. We want to run it as a giant community project. We want Surfing World to celebrate surfing culture but also give something back to it.