Mediocrity does have its benefits... although we can't think of a specific example, so we're going to distract you with this picture of Gabby spraying champagne in Mick Fanning's face. At least we think it's Mick... but maybe not? We can't see his face, maybe that's you getting showered with victory bubbles? Maybe they spelt your name wrong on the cheque? Maybe you are a champion after all? (WSL)

By Nick Carroll   POSTED: 9 hours ago

Surfing Illusions: “I Coulda Been A Contender”

Smoke And Mirrors Exposed!

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And that my friends is that. after a marathon retirement party, Mick Fanning is chaired up the beach a hero of Australian sport and a legend of surfing to all. (WSL/Cestari)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 3 weeks ago


Italo Ferreira and Steph Gilmore Win Bells as Mick Fanning says his Final Farewell

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