Mad Mike is known to wreak havoc any time a CT wildcard is sent his way. Imagine how much damage he'd inflict at the P-Pass Masters! (Shield)

By Vaughan Blakey   POSTED: 3 days ago

The WSL Should Move The 2019 Pipe Masters To P-Pass

And don’t blame Filipe for winning the 2019 World Title

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Mid-face aerated trim. If you pointed a speed camera at this baby you’d be clocking double demerits. (Todd Glaser)

By Vaughan Blakey   POSTED: 2 weeks ago

Ryan Burch In The Collision Of Worlds

Ask yourself, what surfer out there today is most likely to tip surfing on its head?

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On the cover: Craig Anderson by John Respondek

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 weeks ago

SW 395: First Glimpse At The Day After Tomorrow

An issue dedicated to asking and answering the question: ‘What will surfing look like in the future and how will that affect us all?’

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