Jules Wilson puts the pies in the Kirra oven on his way to World Number 1. (WSL/Cestari)

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Julian Wilson & Lakey Peterson Win the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros

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Rookie Griff Pinto caused a boilover relegating Two John to a second round heat straight off the bat. Kid's got chops. (WSL/Cestari)

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Sean Doherty on the Quik and Roxy Pros Day 1.

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When she's not writing her own page turners, reviewing her fave authors or hanging out with BFFL Mase Ho, Lux is just like any other grom... totally stoked on sliding around the ocean on a piece of foam! Go Lux!

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Cool Read: The Bikini Collective

9 out of 10!

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This week, we will see Mick Fanning compete one last time in front of his home crowd at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. (Sloane / WSL)

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The End Of The Beginning

Win, lose or draw though this week will belong to Mick. And then it will belong to Eugene.

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That's right, Joli was the man behind the lens who captured the defining moment of Tom Carroll's 1991 Pipeline Masters Victory and one of the single most powerful on rail manoeuvres to ever go down in competition - the TC snap! (Joli)

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Learn To Shoot Surfing From The Best In The Biz!

The Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson Masterclass Is Now In Session

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