Mediocrity does have its benefits... although we can't think of a specific example, so we're going to distract you with this picture of Gabby spraying champagne in Mick Fanning's face. At least we think it's Mick... but maybe not? We can't see his face, maybe that's you getting showered with victory bubbles? Maybe they spelt your name wrong on the cheque? Maybe you are a champion after all? (WSL)

By Nick Carroll   POSTED: 10 hours ago

Surfing Illusions: “I Coulda Been A Contender”

Smoke And Mirrors Exposed!

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Illustration by Nanda Ormond

By Jock Serong   POSTED: 1 day ago

The Short History Of Legropes

In an absolute emergency, they’ll secure boards to your car roof or your dog to your wrist for walkies.

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This year Chalky returned to surfing from one of the gnarliest leg injuries imaginable, and proceeded to get funnelled off his face during the Cyclone Gita swell last month! And if this shot of him at Cape Solander is any kind of yard stick, it's safe to say he hasn't got his fix yet. Watch this space. (Bailey Jones)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 days ago

Ever Wondered What Makes Mark Mathews Tick?

The Chalk talks about five pivotal moments that changed his life!

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Better out than in? Gabriel Medina was one of several WSL athletes to openly voice his safety concerns on social media about training and competing in the Margaret River region following two shark attacks at nearby Gracetown, WA. (WSL / Dunbar)

By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 1 week ago

Sean Doherty On: What Happens Now For The WSL and Margaret River?

A Decision With Teeth

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