When you’re born and bred on the Queensland points, style never leaves you. (Angela Collins)

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Inside The Mind Of Peter Harris

“Everything you need is inside you… You may be surprised by the depth of your being.”

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"Like riding a bike," says Shane of his infrequent surfs. “It takes a bit to find your legs but it's always there.” (Crawford)

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Revisit: Shane Herring In His Own Words

Take Audience With Dee Why’s Prodigal Son.

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Hulk Davies air dries his muscular earlobes above a seldom surfed WA rivermouth, one which is flushed only a small number of times per year with runny chocolate liquid. Did we mention the aroma? We probably should mention the aroma... It stinks. (Respondek)

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Pivotal Moments In The Life of Jay Davies

Includes everything from Taj Burrow movies to shark nightmares!

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