Hoy didn’t rate his own surfing as the best he’s ever seen, but he did have career defining sessions on the black Maltese Cross boards of the 91 Billabong Country Feeling Dream Sequence. (Joli)

By Matt Hoy   POSTED: 11 mins ago

Revisit: The Country Feeling Dream Sequence

At Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, 1991

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Tobes in 100% rocker mode, barnstorming the Dunies set at Splendour in the Grass to chug every last drop of marrow from life. (Photo: Courtesy of Mitch Lowe Photo/SaveTonight)

By Hugh Wyllie   POSTED: 1 day ago

How Skegss Bass Lord Toby Cregan Tore 2017 A Newie

And what he will tear up next.

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Lowey at home in the juice. (Simpson)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 days ago

What A Top Bloke

Mick Lowe shares wisdom from his life spent in the ocean.

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China’s backside tuberiding prowess at Kirra in the early 90s was really something... and his frontside out there was pretty damned impressive too. (Aitionn)

By Neal Purchase Jnr   POSTED: 5 days ago

Why China’s Switch Funnel At Kirra

Went down in Cooly folklore as one of the best.

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On a weekly basis we are blessed to have this peaceful, happy, gentle giant of a man drop into the SW office and share with us amazing stories of surfing history, great big heart to heart hugs and some of the best risotto you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating on a deadline. Thanks for the aloha mate. (Christensen)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 6 days ago

The Genius Of Jack McCoy

We sit down with the legend of surf film and Aloha

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Just give him heaving eight-to-ten foot offshore barrels unloading onto a dry rock in the middle of a shark infested ocean and Beau Foster will sleep easy. (Respondek)

By Jed Smith   POSTED: 2 weeks ago

The Bug Goes Bush

How’s the Serenity? Never better reckons Beau Foster

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"You have to enjoy your life. You’re only here for a short period of time." - Martin Potter. (Maartens)

By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 weeks ago

Pottz On 80’s Pro Surfing

“Surfing at that stage to me was a business. I was trying to make a living the only way I knew how.”

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