Deano and Joel at Joel’s place on the Sunshine Coast. A few weeks later Joel would move to the Gold Coast, down the road from Deano and over the hill from Mick Fanning, and a Coolangatta dynasty would be born.

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Little Mister Magoo

Rabbit: “He made it look so easy, while it was complete chaos all around him.”

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Pic: Ted Grambeau

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The Quiet Messiah

John Florence and a world that won’t stop talking about him.

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Pic: Corey Wilson

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Ditch Maths. Go Searching.

Why this new issue of Surfing World is a magazine devoted to the 14-year-old in all of us.

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First printed in The Surfing World, February 1963 and recreated in SW Issue 400: The Best of Surfing World

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FROM THE VAULT: Hawaiian Triumph

First published in February, 1963.

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Issue 400 is out now - available in all good and bad newsagencies and online

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Bugs in Amber

How do you wrap up everything that means so much to so many eras of surfers?

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On the cover: Craig Anderson by John Respondek

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SW 395: First Glimpse At The Day After Tomorrow

An issue dedicated to asking and answering the question: ‘What will surfing look like in the future and how will that affect us all?’

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