10 Rules Of Summer – 10 Reasons To Pickup The New Mag

10. Watch the world title get decided at Pipeline
The Billabong Pipe Masters begins on December 8 (it’s probably on right now) and features a world title showdown for the ages. Barring some crazy unforeseen circumstance (and they have been known to happen from time to time), the crown will go to either the little prince, John John Florence, or Mr Shaved Nipples, Gabriel Medina. Flick to page 38 to read Sean Doherty’s breakdown of the big show, then dust off your 2010 World Cup vuvuzela horn and settle in to watch the greatest show on earth (after Seinfeld).

9. Listen to Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges
When was the last time you listened to “Search and Destroy”? Good lord are you in for a treat.  Download that thing right now, turn the dial to 11 and melt your own brain into a puddle with the runaway son of a nuclear A-baaaarrrrmm! Then turn to page 54 and read all about how Creed McTaggart ended up hanging out with James Newell Osterberg Jr. during his recent collab with the Bong.

8. Do some Christmas shopping at surfingworld.com.au
Shameless plug, but why the hell not? Avoid the mall and all those hours spent looking for a park by jumping on the line and scoring some SW chron. Tee-o for Dad? Check. Subscription for the groms? Lock it in! Hats, backpacks, books and back issues for all the random aunties, uncles and cousins whose names you can’t remember… Snap it all at surfingworld.com.au

7. Cry about Danny Johnson going travelling
Danny Johnson – the Weak Wrap guy with the Mighty Boosh hair – is going travelling, and even though you may never have heard of him, you will miss him. His four years here at Surfing World (first as art director, then as creative director, a brief two-day stint as editor, then finally as tea boy), have been monumental, and he’s going out on a high with news just in that his film Scary Good has been nominated for Surf Film of the Year at this year’s Surfer Poll. We’ll miss his genius, his fetish for podcasts and his love of cats, but mostly we’ll miss the laughs. Bon voyage Danny. See you when you get back in two weeks.

6. Go for an early on Christmas and New Year’s Day
Here’s a sad truth, Australians love their grog and many of them will spend the Chrissy and New Year’s Eves getting absolutely blotto with friends and family. Why not turn a sad reflection of modern society into your gain by getting up for a dawny on Chrissy and New Year’s Day and score the line-up all to yourself? Bingo!

5. Give a wave away
It’s not a very popular idea is it? Especially in the wake of Laird Hamilton’s probably Oscar-nominated alpha hero documentary Take Every Wave. But summer is when so many people are getting their first boards and being introduced to the stoke we’ve been enjoying for most our lives. Instead of being a greedy douchebag, why not invite one of those newlings to share the experience? Go on. Do it!

4. Get into some surfing podcasts
Surf poddies are on the tear and there’s none better than my own, Ain’t That Swell with Jed and Vaughan. Ha! It’s awesome being the editor and claiming that. Mind you I don’t listen to my own poddy, so I can’t be sure. However, other ways to enjoy surf on those long, hot holiday drives include listening to The Dooley with Mike Jennings and Danny Johnson, or Lipped with Jimmy and Cahill. There are also some overseas poddies, too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Surf banter rules!

3. Eat a watermelon
Post-surf no brainer. Crack that juicy vine egg wide open and slurp up all that syrupy goodness!

2. Wear sun cream and a hat
“Good one Vaughan, what are you gonna tell us to do next? Use our arms while paddling?” Scoff if you must, but as a bald man I know all too well the perils of chancing even one surf without protection. Melanoma is the most common cancer in Australians aged 16-to-39 and is a brutal killer, so don’t eff with the sun, righto?

1. Watch Scary Good
Have you seen Surfing World’s epic movie, Scary Good, yet? It’s the perfect way to kill onshore summer slop and it might just inspire you to start a band or make something with your brain. It’s on the SW website right now and it is the greatest thing to happen to Australian surfing since Hoyo won Bells. Other than that, the entire SW team hopes you enjoy the holiday season, stay safe and stoked and rip into every moment and we’ll see yas in the new year.  Yew!

Vaughan Blakey

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Four men enter, one man leaves. Well, all men leave but only one will be World Champion. You backing John or Gabby? Jordy or Julian? Sean Doherty gives you the final word before the heavyweights of surfing enter the ring.

One is a god of rock and roll and one of the most legendary characters of all time and the other is Iggy Pop. Find out how two absolute magic human beings came to hang out and chat about Lou Reed’s shitty keyboard song writing techniques.

SW convinced the wonderful Matt Wilkinson to shape a surfboard for the very first time. He studied and he toiles and the end result? Well let’s just it was an entertaining process watching him hack a perfectly good blank to pieces.

Did you know that photographer John Respondek is godfather to Taj Burrow’s daughter? And did you know that Sponalactic Tang and Teebs have brought out a book together? And did you know it’s absolutely beautiful? Now you know all that stuff.

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