Ain’t That Swell just released their first ever official live show! Even though it was actually their second live show after the Burleigh live show earlier in the year. You do the math. It was a loose night in Newcastle and many Vonu’s were enabling many a story some of which were very long. Matt Hoy, Creed Mctaggart and Justen ‘Jughead’ Allport were the guest in that order. Sit back squint your ears and have a time.

From Ain’t That Swell:

***WARNING: This episode contains drug references, coarse language, adult themes, and the airing of several core lord beefs. Listener discretion is advised.***

Ain’t That Swell’s inaugural LIVE tour gets underway at the Wickham Hotel smack bang in the blue collar nirvana that is Newcastle. Surf towns don’t come more rugged and steeped in core lineage than the home of the twin fin aka the Steel City.

Who better to guide us through the generations of stacked surfing talent than the Merewether madman himself, Matthew Hoy. He is joined by Margaret River prodigy and punk afficianado, Creedence Mctaggart, as well as the great Cenny Coast core lord, tube pig, slab specialist, firemen-family man, Justen ‘Jughead’ Allport.

Danny Johnson