Alana Shocks The World With This New Commercial

When you’ve got Alana you barely even need click bait.

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Hasn’t been a Weak Wrap in ages. I guess I could change the name to ‘Month Wrap’ or ‘Every Now & Then Wrap’ or ’Skateline NBD’.  But no need really, because it’s back and it’s weekly again and as weakly as ever. Good news for anyone that enjoys it and great news for those that hate it, but don’t hate it so much they don’t watch it. The people that are sitting in the sweet spot of hate where it’s actually enjoyable to hate, so they still hit play, and then just let the hateful thoughts fly through their head eventually landing in the corner of their brain where hopefully a tumor isn’t forming. What a fun time that sounds like. Tell you who I don’t hate? You. I love you. I love you person that can read and clearly has too much time on their hands, evident in that you’re reading this. Of course love and hate are basically the same thing as they’re both manifestations of deeply caring. That’s how I choose to creatively interpret hate. I just think… nawwwwwwwwwwwww they care. See you next week loving/hating literate person that I love. 

Danny Johnson