Black Magic! Noses Glued With The Dark Crest Of Mick Fanning

Team Rip Curl Pay Their Respects To A One Of A Kind Champion

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Righto, so the legend crew at Rippy have just revealed their team will glue their noses with the Mick Fanning signature Black Sticker for the upcoming 2018 Rip Curl Pro Bells, Mick’s very last World Tour event! In 2012, Mick brought home a third World Title, and with that honour came a new privilege as Rip Curl’s marquee rider. The Red Sticker was peeled off, and the Black logo slapped on. To this day, Mick is the only surfer to have brandished the dark crest. Now, as he surfs his final World Tour event in the pristine natural amphitheatre of Bells Beach, that same team will pay homage to the 3 x World Champ. Gabby Medina, Wilko, Big O Wright, Conner ‘Frothin’ Coffin, Tyler ‘hat trick’ Wright and Nikki ‘Van Straalen’ Dijk have peeled off their nose logos and replaced them with the Fanning version to pay their respects to a shark beating people’s champion and stablemate, who leaves enormous shoes unfilled for the next wave of Australian thoroughbreds. Behold the legacy of Mick Fanning and his black magic sticker in the new issue of Surfing World Magazine, in stores tomorrow! #CheersMick

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