#CarnJoycey: Got four hours to listen to surf legends talk surfing?

The Women’s World Title, the Jaws Big Wave Event, the most important men’s QS of the year, and the men’s and women’s World Longboard Titles are all rolling out, starting now.

Because there’s not enough happening, make sense of it all with the very long, very funny, very good new ep of Ain’t That Swell.

Fanning, Parko, Lopez, Carroll, Bainy and of course Vaughan and Jed throw down world title predictions and all sorts of epic banter.

Or, in their words – ’cause they are better than ours –

“Fuck yeah! The 2018 World Title showdown is almost upon us with Gabby, Filipe and Joycey all poised to snatch immortality at the Banzai Pipeline in what will surely be the greatest surfing spectacle since Thomas Victor Carroll screamed off the bottom of a solid 12 footer and kicked his pink 7’8” Pat Rawson pintail right into the giant weighty ball bag of the joint.

So who’s gonna win it? A climax this colossal demands nothing less than the most heavyweight panel imaginable to break it all down, and that’s exactly what Smivvy and Deadly have put together for this four hour marathon of face melting World Title froth. Between them our guests have won seven World Titles and six Pipeline Masters, they’ve experienced monumental highs and devastating lows on that corn-holed stretch of North Shore reef and few would have the minerals to throw down the result of the 2018 Championship with more authority. Also joining the panel is Woozle head commentator Ronnie Blakey, who’ll be heading back to Hawaii after a long break from the booth to call the whole shebang. There’s enough wind to fill a hot air balloon in the shape of Joycey’s melon and highlights include…

  • Mick Fanning on why Carn Joycey can do it and why Aussies have Gabby all wrong
  • Newly Minted Haleiwa Pro Champ Joel Parko on his dreamy start in the quest for a final Triple Crown
  • Mr Pipeline Gerry Lopez on finding rhythm with the world’s deadliest cone
  • Thomas Carroll on the biggest mistake that could potentially cost all three guys the Title
  • GMOAT Bain being a fucken legend as usual
  • Ryan Callinan breaking down Gabby’s competitiveness after that paddle battle in Portugal
  • Ronnie Blakey’s perfect hair

There’s all the usual bullshit as well, Finger Buns, Under/Overs, Swellian questions and more. It’s the biggest ep in the history of the show, a Carn Joycey bonanza with more stars than a 1970s telethon, and it’ll prime you up with everything you need to know for the big show.

Strap in Swellians and get in behind ya heroes! Game fucking on!”

Surfing World