This van has seen some stuff, man. Image by Todd Selby

Celebrating 70 Years Of The Iconic Kombi Van

With Riders Week At The Hotel Steyne Manly

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There’s no greater vehicle in surfing folklore than the Volkswagen Kombi. It’s been this way since SW founder Bob Evans strapped the roof with boards belonging to future icons like Midget, McTavish and Young – to a makeshift mobile home on the dusty trails. And 70 years on, this mystical van has furthered our great Australian pilgrimage into the coastal wilderness. It could be Ozzie Wright fogging rainbows up the Pacific in the jet black tanker pictured above. Or it could be SW publisher Doughie Lees pushing the limits of a refined European engine to signal the first heat at Queensie Boardriders, but one thing’s for sure: the Kombi van continues to stoke us out to this day. And for the legends who drive these golden breed chariots (or love a vintage Hibiscus shirt) we have excellent news… The Manly Kombi Rally is back Saturday March 3rd! Sign up for free to have your van displayed in the heart of Manly and you’ll also score a drink, meal and the limited edition Ben Brown tee thanks to the magic crew at VW, Hotel Steyne and the Sydney Surf Pro WQS 6000. Fuel up right here.



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