Creed Drops New Clip and Clothing Line – Acrylic Red Alien Face Mask

Embracing That Core 90s

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The inmates have taken over the asylum, or rather, Creed McTaggart has taken over the Billabong design team. The electric hi-fi freesurfer and frontman of garage rock band Wash has recently teamed up with pal and designer Fin Parker to create a whole line of threads for his sponsor Billabong. It’s called Acrylic Red Alien Face Mask.

Along with the launch line, of course, we’re gifted the above clip by Toby Cregan, which wouldn’t feel out of place cover-mounted on an old Underground Surf Magazine. Apart from the elite aerial surfing and whiplash speed, of course.

The clothing line has a 90s, barbed wire and snake feel to it, but is simple and classic in parts too, like the shirt and tee below, shot by Creed himself. You can find the rest of the collection here.

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